The Best Power Tiller at Affordable Price in Bangladesh You Can Rely on, for Individual, Professional or Rental Use

best power tiller at affordable price in Bangladesh

The SONALI 18″ Petrol Engine Mini Power Tiller (Model SPL212MT) is a versatile and compact agricultural machine designed for small to medium-sized farming operations in Bangladesh. Below we wrote a detail review covering its key features, performance, and overall value:

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Key Features

Engine: Powered by a robust petrol engine, typically providing reliable and efficient performance. Engine displacement and power output are suitable for various tilling tasks offering a balance between power and fuel efficiency.

Tilling Width and Depth: The tiller offers an 18-inch tilling width making it ideal for narrow rows and small plots. Adjustable tilling depth allows for customization based on soil conditions and crop requirements.

Design and Build: Compact and lightweight design facilitates easy mobility and storage. Durable construction ensures longevity and resistance to wear and tear from regular use.

Ease of Use: Ergonomic handles and user-friendly controls contribute to a comfortable operating experience. Simple starting mechanism and straightforward maintenance requirements.

Versatility: Suitable for various soil types including clay, loam, hilly, and sandy soils. Capable of performing multiple tasks such as plowing, weeding, and soil preparation.

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Tilling Efficiency: The tiller effectively breaks up soil preparing it for planting. Its 18-inch width is sufficient for small to medium plots, and the adjustable depth ensures thorough soil preparation.

Fuel Efficiency: Its gasoline engine is designed to provide a good balance of power and fuel economy making it cost-effective for regular use.

Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials. The tiller is built to withstand the rigors of agricultural work ensuring reliable performance over time.

Pros and Cons (should know before buying)


  • Compact and easy to maneuver, even in tight spaces.
  • Powerful petrol engine suitable for a variety of soil conditions.
  • Durable and built to last with minimal maintenance.
  • Versatile with adjustable tilling depth and width.
  • User-friendly design and controls.


  • May not be suitable for very large farming operations due to its smaller size.
  • Petrol engine requires regular maintenance and refueling.
  • Can be noisy compared to electric or battery-powered tillers.

Value for Money

The SONALI 18″ Gasoline Engine Mini Power Tiller (SPL212MT) offers good value for money particularly for small to medium-sized farms and gardening enthusiasts. Its combination of power, durability, and ease of use makes it a practical choice for those looking to maintain their soil efficiently without investing in larger, more expensive equipment. Even you can use it for rental purposes along with your personal use.

Finally, Should You Buy It?

The SONALI SPL212MT has been a reliable and efficient power tiller in Bangladesh for many years. It caters to the needs of small to medium-sized farming operations. Its powerful petrol engine, adjustable tilling capabilities, and durable build make it a worthwhile investment for those who are seeking to enhance their soil preparation and maintenance activities. While it may not be ideal for larger farms, its compact design and user-friendly features make it an excellent power tiller for many agricultural tasks in the country.

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