Generator Company List in Bangladesh

Generator Company List in Bangladesh

There are several generator companies operating in Bangladesh. However, it’s essential to research and verify the most up-to-date and reliable options. Here are a few generator companies that are well-known to operate in Bangladesh at this time:


We have been working as a generator company, supplier, importer, dealer, and retailer since 2005. We sell all types of generators such as diesel generators, petrol generators, Honda generators, inverter generators, LPG generators, and dual fuel generators. We have 3 generator brands. 1- KOSHIN, made in Japan, 2- SONALI and 3- SH POWER. We also sell GREEN POWER brand’s generator.

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2. Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd.

Walton is a prominent electronics and electrical appliance manufacturer in Bangladesh. They offer a wide range of generators and power solutions.

3. PRAN RFL Group

PRAN RFL Group is another major Bangladeshi conglomerate that manufactures generators under its RFL brand. They offer a variety of generator sizes and types.

4. Bangladesh Honda Private Limited (BHL)

BHL is a subsidiary of Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Japan, and they produce Honda generators for the Bangladesh market. Honda generators are known for their reliability and performance.

5. Marine Motors Limited (MML)

MML is a well-established company in Bangladesh that offers a range of generators and other power equipment.

6. Agility Power Systems Limited

Agility Power Systems is a company that specializes in providing power solutions, including generators, and related services in Bangladesh.

7. PowerPac Group

PowerPac Group is another company that offers generators, construction equipment, and power solutions. They have a presence in Bangladesh.

8. Pramukh Group

Pramukh Group is involved in various industries, including power generation and distribution. They offer a range of generators and related services.

9. Mitsubishi Motors Bangladesh

Mitsubishi Motors Bangladesh is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Japan, and they provide generators and other power solutions for the Bangladeshi market.

10. Energypac Power Generation Ltd

Energypac Power Generation Ltd. manufactures and sells a wide range of generators that cater to various power needs. They offer both diesel and gas-powered generators in different capacities and configurations.

11. Sakura Power Ltd

Sakura Power Limited is a reputable and trusted Power Products Company name in Bangladesh. They sell all types of generators such as both portable and diesel generators. And they are one of the oldest generator suppliers in the country.

12. ACI Motors Ltd

ACI Motors Ltd. is the sole distributor of Yamaha Power Products (Generator) in Bangladesh. ACI Motors primarily provides all types of portable generators like petrol generators, inverter generators, LPG generators, etc.

13. Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB)

PGCB is a government-owned organization responsible for power transmission in Bangladesh. They might be able to provide information on power solutions, including generators.

14. Aftab Automobiles Ltd.

Aftab Automobiles is a leading distributor of generators in Bangladesh. They offer a variety of generator brands and models.

15. Yanmar Diesel Engine Co. Ltd.

Yanmar is a global company that manufactures diesel engines and generators. They have a presence in Bangladesh and provide various power solutions.

Please note that the availability and reputation of these companies may change over time. When you are looking for a generator company in Bangladesh, it’s essential to conduct thorough research, read reviews, and contact these companies directly to inquire about their current product offerings, pricing, and after-sales services. Additionally, consider your specific power requirements and budget when choosing a generator company that suits your needs.

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